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Le Manoir Art is an independent art section of the company Le Manoir. 

Ever since it came into being on the film set, the brand Le Manoir has had close ties with the creative world. Its founder Dr. med. Peter Kessler thinks that art can be an important tool which has the power to trigger social engagement. He commissioned art historian Katharina Arimont to develop an art section, that not only supports promising artists with the realisation of art and film projects but also cooperates with renowned museums and galleries.

In our opinion, art enables us to take a different point of view, to see the ordinary from a different perspective. Le Manoir Art projects are also critical and deal with various socially relevant issues. They include all artistic media, such as film, painting, photography and sculpture.


Curatorial Direction

Study of art history and philosophy at the university of Heidelberg / Lyon as well as study of museologie at École du Louvre Paris. Since 2017 Creative Director at Le Manoir, previously working at Ludwig Museum Koblenz and gallery Michael Schultz Berlin.

"Art is magic delivered from the lie
of being truth."




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